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产品介绍 > 数码产品 > 数码/Wifi 显微镜>50X-500X WiFi digital microscope with 0.3 Mega pixe SE-CP-MS200XW

50X-500X WiFi digital microscope with 0.3 Mega pixe  SE-CP-MS200XW



WIfi Wireless Microscope
* Work on iPhone/iPad/Android
* 50X-500X magnification, 0.3 Mega pixe
* Effective within 60m

Wifi Wireless digital Microscope with 0.3 Mega pixe  SE-CP-MS200XW

We are Original Manufacturer
2012 newest products, unique, world first
real-time display, work on wifi capable mobile device


50X-500X wireless microscope work on iPhone/iPad/Android tablet PC/Android mobile phone(WIFI capable mobile device)
Wireless Digital Microscope (Wi-Fi) can magnify objects from 50X to 500X and transfer the images taking by microscope to Tablet PC, 3G Phones based on IOS & Android through WIFI, super portable for outdoor research and very easy to use.
Wi-Fi Wireless Connection, Super Portable;
- 50X-500X magnification, 0.3 Mega pixels;
- Real-time display, take images. 30 meters or more working distance.
- 8 LED light, brightness adjustable
- Work with iPhone, iPad, Andriod mobile phone, Andriod tablet PC

50x-500x Wifi Digital Microscope for iPhone/iPad/Android use
WIFI Standard:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards compliant
Wifi range: ≤10 meters
Focus Range: 0mm ~ 40mm(can be customized)
Supplementary Light Source: Built-in 8 White LED lights(dimmable)
Still Image Capture Resolution: 640*480 Pixels
Frame Rate: VGA 20f/s(Under 600 LUX Brightness)
Fixed Focus Image CMOS Sensor: High Speed DSP (M-JPEG)
Magnification Rate: 25X ~ 200X (Manually)
Take Images: Built-in snap shot application
Brightness Control: Manual adjustment
Power Supply: Rechargeable 7500mA self-protection lithium battery
Support O/S: WIFI capability(Wifi devices with IOS, Android system)
Language: English/Chinese
Application Software: Android/IOS App
Illumination Scope: 0 ~ 3000LUX
Product Dimension: 142 mm ( L ) X 37 mm ( R )
Product Net Weight: 100g
Available Color: White or Violet

Powered by rechargeable lithium battery,  Wi-Fi wireless microscope creates its own Wi-Fi network. It can transmit images simultaneously to iPhone, iPad, Android tablet PC & Android mobile phone.The manification ranges from 50X to 500X.  Wi-Fi wireless microscope works on the free app called “Netcamviewer” and available from the iTunes App Store. App works on Android O/S attached in a CD when send to customer together with the microscope. With these apps, users can view live images, freeze and capture them to the photo album in their device.

One amazing feature for this wireless microscope is it can connect to many Wi-Fi capable mobile device at the same time, which makes it suitable for public presentation and education in class also. There is an IP address of ours can provide lively video from the microscope (after connect Wi-Fi), so if you like, you don’t need to install software when you want the microscope work on your mobile device.
We are a professional manufacturer of portable microscope in China, we provide best quality products,OEM services & technology support!!!

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