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产品介绍 > Home health/USB gadgets > Automatic soap dispenser>liquid soap automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 400ml SE1102

liquid soap automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 400ml SE1102

Product Description

Technical Specifications:

• Power: 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries
• Dispenser capacity: about 250ml 
• Product size:  13.5 x 8.3x 19cm
• Unit weight: 334 g
• Material: ABS and stainless steel


Products Details:

Our SE1102 is a hands free, motion activated soap / sanitizer   gel dispenser.


  • Built-in infrared smart sensor.
  • Fully automatic and completely no-touch operation.
  • Three settings allow you to dispense different amounts of soap. 
  • No-drip innovation eliminates both waste and countertop messes.
  • LED indicator lights up with dispensing activated. 

  • Musical chime (you can choose to turn it on or off) when you use it, motivates the kids to clean their hands

  • Low battery alerts by flashing the light intermittently.
  • Great for hand soaps, dish soaps and sanitizer gels.
  • Cute design attracts kids to wash their hands voluntarily.
  •Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).





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