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Welcome to Selectech Electronics Co.,LTD,Your power source for Network and Communication,Power plug and Adaptor products,ODM/OEM are welcome
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SELECTECH’s course of development:

• Feb 1999, SELECTECH PTE LTD was founded in Singapore, Singapore's leading
 commercial component suppliers
• Sep 2000, Selectech invested a new factory named “STAB electronics manufactory”,
 specialized in communication and network accessories and cables and computer peripheral
• In 2001, Selectech invested a  second factory named “Guanzhou TEYTEN Electronic Co. Ltd”
 Our main products are: universal travel adaptor/plug series, worldwide travel adaptor/plug
• Feb 2001, STAB FACTORY obtained UL Certification for Cable.
• Aug 2002, R&D department was set up in Dongguan city, China. Work on developing and  
 designing in plastics and metal products, communication and networks, computer products
 etc. OEM/ODM is welcome.
• July 2004, STAB Factory obtained ISO9001:2000 Certification.
• June 2005. Selectech Electronics Co. Ltd was founded in Shenzhen, China.
• Oct 2006, SELECTECH set up a factory in Bao An in Shenzhen specialized in producing electronic paste.
• Feb 2008, Selectech has been nominated for Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Awards 2008.
• June 2008, Selectech Electronics Co., Ltd moved to Huaqiang Square in Shenzhen. It
 will responsible for export , after-sales and shipment service for communication ,network, 
 computer products, cables and power adaptor etc.
• March 2009, Selectech founded group company as a regional headoffice  in Singapore.  It
 will overall responsible for management, finance and sales as a whole.
• In 2009,our factory is applying ISO14001 and TL-9000 certification.

SELECTECH will bring you closer to a more friendly and long-standing business  
relationship in years to come!

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