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News > China Laser Rangefinder Create Most of The World

China Laser Rangefinder Create Most of The World

  • Author:Steve
  • Source:The Internet
  • Release on :2015-05-19

Core Tip: In recent years, measuring characteristics for laser range finder "fast", "accurate", "efficient" is as the instrument market favorite. Compared with the traditional "tape", "tape" Isometric In recent years,being "fast", "accurate", "efficient" as a tool for measuring the characteristics of the instrument market favorite. 

Compared with the traditional "tape", "tape" and other measurement tools, a measure work required to complete the work of 2-3 people to cooperate, but laser range finder, with just one person with one hand touch, it can easily achieve length measurement , area measurement, volume measurement. 

Selectech measure classic products, such as: SE-CP100 is hand-held laser range finder, so that domestic users to enjoy the world's most cost-effective laser ranging products. This year, a new step test sail, in 2015 new product ready to go. 

China test products such as laser range finder has always been to bring people to "subversion" and "innovation" impression with a number of innovations, which create a "world's thinnest", "first green light indicates" a major breakthrough in the two masterpieces come out. 

According to industry people said early in the new product development stage, there are many customers to book in advance. Once some factory launch new products, Some overseas and national buyer rush to purchase. The situation is excited.
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