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Products > > Digital pen camera microscope>Protable Adjustable Digital AV 11mm home Microscope Pen Camera Endoscope 4 LED with 1.5M pixels SE11A-B003A

New Arrival protable adjustable Digital AV 11mm home Microscope Pen Camera Endoscope 4 LED with 1.5M pixels SE11A-B003A


1.multifunction AV Interface

2.manual focus

3.Focal length :infinite distance

4.adjustable LED ollumination

5.Humanity design---focus in the end of the pen camera


USB 1505.jpg


Technical Specifications

1)  Working platforms:windows7 xp,vista,mac,linux
2)  Magnification:1/10-150 times(magnificate freely)
3)  Photograph:Anti-tremble picture capture function
4)  Videography:High compression
5)  Loght source:adjustable LED ollumination(USB interface)
6)  Vedio:Video wiht extra-long time-11 hours long & 3.6GB of memory video
7)  Focusing: Manual-focusing ,focal length:Infinite distance
8)  Features:Multifunction USB microscope

9)  Max Size:lens diameter 11mm*Product leng 123mm

10) Pixels:1.5m
11) Display speed:15-30fps
12) interface:USB2.0
13) Measure fuction:Length,radian,angle

Products packing:

Dimension: 123mm (length) * 11mm (Diameter)
packing size:18.5*12.6*7cm/352g

Accessories: 1X pen  camera

                    1x AV line

                    1x power line

                    1x CD

                    1x tripod

                    1x ear probe

                    1x ear scoop

                    1x probe

                    1xtooth reflector

                    1xbig focus

                    1xsmall  focus

                    1x Adjustable microscope working station(packing:108X36x182mm/235g)


Before installation and use of this product, please read the instructions in this manual to ensure its correct use.

Safety instructions

Before using this product, please carefully read the following safety instructions.

1.The socket that the power source is plugged in must be properly grounded, as the supplies power to this product. If in any doubt, please have a professional electrician check and verify the grounding to ensure safety.

2.Never use this product in stormy weather.

3.This product contains delicate and precision components. Be gentle when using it and avoid harsh handling or excessive force that may cause damage to the product.

4.The temperature of the handle increases slightly during use and it feels a little warm. This is normal. If the product is overheated and hot to the touch, immediately cut off the power and contact us for repair.

5.Never leave the product on unattended. Unplug from the socket after use.

6.Do not disassemble this product. Disassembling this product will result in irreparable damage. The company is not responsible for damage resulting from disassembly of the product by the user. In case of any difficulties in using the product, please contact us.

7.This product may only be used by children under supervision of an adult. Never give this product to a child to use or play by him or herself. Keep this product out of reach of children.

8.Do not let this product come in direct contact with steam, vapor, water, or liquids of any kind. Such contact can cause irreparable damage that is not covered by warranty.

9.When not in use, put the handle in the transparent sleeve and store it in a tightly sealed box to avoid moisture and decay. Damages resulting from improper storage are not covered by the warranty.

10.When using this product for eye examination, the illumination should be as dim and the examination time as short as possible. Never use this product to examine the eyes of infants or young children.

11.Examination or cleaning of the ear canal, nasal cavity and oral cavity should only be undertaken by adults who have mastered the depth and force required for such a task.

12.Never use the mirror or cotton swab for cleaning or treatment of the deep rear part of the oral cavity. Parts may drop into the throat and cause serious damage.





Detected Picture:



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