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Products > > HDMI US Wall Plates>SE-HDMI-12

HDMI Wall Plate (1 Port)

High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDMI 19Pin Female to HDMI 19Pin Female
Dimensions: 115H x 70W (mm)

This kind of  HDMI Wall Plates allows the HDMI Cable installed in the wall conveniently.
It is made to fit the standard US wall mount hole, similar to an AC outlet or light switch.
Their unique design supplies an ideal and convenient solution for HDMI cable extensions for home or business location.In this way it makes the house decoration more and more beautiful and safer.

Perfect for connecting your HDMI Monitors, A/V Receivers, and HDTV
Supports all HDMI Devices, including 1.3b
Supports Resolutions up to 1080P

Different specifications for your choise,this kind is just for US. design.

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