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Products > > World Travel Adapters>World Travel Adapter With USB
Charger (SE-MT006)

Product Description

1. AC Power rating 6A 250Vac, Can charge ipod 2th directly.

2. USB power rating 500mA 5Vdc, energy efficient is 58%.

3. With Plugs can plug into USA/Europe/Australia/United Kingdom outlets.

4. With 1 universal outlet can be inserted by UK/US/EU/AU standard plugs.
5. With power indicator.

6. USB output voltage are 5V±5% in no load or 10Ω load when input AC 100-250Vac.

7. USB output current is 450-550mA when load is 10Ω, the duration time is 4 hrs in this situation.
8. USB output current is below 800mA when load is 5Ω, the duration time is 0.5hrs in this situation.

9. USB output current is below 900mA when output is short, this product do not be destroyed in 30secs. 

10. Color:White,  Black.


       a. AC-AC of no voltage conversion

       b. No grounding

       c. USB for charge only

       d. Indoor use only

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